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Policies & Procedures

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General Policies:
Most payments can be made either in person at the windows during regular hours, by depositing in the drop box on the outside of the J.C. Kellam building and also in the lobby next to JCK 188 (no cash payments), by mail, or by credit card via the web. Please include your Texas State ID Number on all payments and correspondence.

Billing information, including due dates and amounts due, may be accessed on-line at www.sbs.txstate.edu/ or by calling Student Business Services at 512-245-2544.  If you did not pay your total due at registration or have incurred new charges it is your responsibility to check on-line or call the Student Business Services office to obtain your current balance due.  A $25 delinquent charge is assessed for late installment payments.

Official notification of installment due dates is the published Academic Calendar that can be found on-line at www.registrar.txstate.edu/.  Students are responsible for making their installment payments by the due dates.

Installment Plan:

If you choose to pay the minimum due at registration, you are selecting the installment option and are requesting to be allowed to pay tuition and fees for the semester, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:


Tuition, most required fees, residence hall rent, and meal plans are payable in installments. The three-payment installment plan requires payment of thirty percent (30%) of tuition and deferrable fees and one hundred percent (100%) of non-deferrable fees (Orientation fee and Installment fee) in advance of the first day of classes. The remainder of tuition and deferrable fees are payable in two installments of thirty-five percent (35%) each. Installments are due the sixth and eleventh week of the semester.

A $30 enrollment fee will be assessed.

There will be a late fee of $25.00 added if the payment is not received by the due date.

Any refund due from financial aid and/or scholarships will be applied to the balance owed.  If the amount of the refund is greater than the amount owed, the University will issue a refund to the student.

This installment plan is available only for the initial registration and payment of tuition, required fees, and room and board for fall and spring semesters.  The installment plan is not available for summer sessions.

It is the student's responsibility to make all payments in accordance with the appropriate dates for the payment without regard for University billing procedures or postal delays.

If amounts become past due, the University reserves the right to report the account to the Credit Bureau. This will also initiate internal collection efforts and could cause the University to employ an outside collection agency to recover the debt. If any collection efforts must be made, the student will be required to pay all collection costs, including collection agency fees, legal fees and other costs incurred in collecting the amounts due.

Returned Checks:
A $30.00 service charge is assessed for each check returned unpaid for any reason other than the admitted error of the bank.

The student will be on a CASH ONLY status until payment for the check and service charge is made by cash, money order, cashiers check, or credit card. A personal check, whether from the student or another party, CANNOT be accepted for repayment of a returned item.

Withdrawal Refund - A withdrawal is defined as dropping ALL of your classes during a semester. You must do this through the Registrar's Office. A 100% refund is due the student only if he/she withdraws before the first class day of the semester. Some fees including orientation fees, late fees, activity charges, reinstatement fees, are non-refundable. Refunds for parking permits should be requested through parking services.
Once the semester has begun, a percentage of the charges cannot be refunded. This percentage changes as the semester progresses; check the Schedule of Classes, refund section, to determine the specific percentages pertaining to your withdrawal date. Refund checks for withdrawals are mailed to the student's permanent address.
Drop Refund - A student is eligible for a 100% refund for a dropped class provided he/she remains enrolled in at least one class at Texas State until the end of the semester and the drop is done by the refund deadline.
There is NO refund for drops done after the refund deadline. Check the Schedule of Classes for refund deadlines; for refund information on special course offerings, please call the Cashier's Office refund clerk. Refund checks for dropped classes are mailed to the student's local address.
Allow thirty (30) days for your check to be mailed. No refunds will be issued when the amount is less than $2.00 Please be sure your correct addresses (local and permanent) are on file with the Registrar's Office.

General Deposit: Every student must make a property deposit to protect Texas State from damage to or loss of Texas State property. Charges for damages are billed directly to the student or collected by the department. Failure to pay the charges promptly will cause the student to be barred from re-admission and from receiving an official transcript. Upon written request to the Student Business Services Office, this deposit, less outstanding charges, will be returned to the student who is no longer attending.  This deposit, less outstanding charges will be refunded to students who graduate or withdraw from the university. Students will be given the option, prior to graduation, to donate the remaining funds in their GPD deposit to the Alumni Association/Bobcat Club or to the university for scholarship purposes.  Deposit refunds not requested within four years from date of last attendance are forfeited into a student scholarship account.  Effective August 1, 2013 general property deposits will no longer be collected.