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Refund Information

Spring 2019

January 12th - Financial Aid begins disbursing aid to credit charges. Changes to addresses or eRefund accounts should be completed no later than midnight. Changes submitted after this time cannot be guaranteed in effect by refund processing.

January 14th - Refunds begin processing. eRefunds should reflect in bank accounts within 24 - 72 hours. Refund checks will be mailed during the week.

Drop & Withdrawal Refund Schedules - Dropping and withdrawing are two very different actions and the refund schedules are NOT similar.  Please refer to the definitions below when accessing the schedules.

2019 Spring Refund Schedule - Drops

2019 Spring Refund Schedule - Withdrawals

*Dropping a class is defined as removing one or more classes from your schedule, while remaining enrolled in at least one course. 

If you are going to zero hours, it is considered a WITHDRAWAL.

Refund Process

Students may choose to receive refunds either by check or by direct deposit (eRefunds) into the bank of their choice.   Refunds issued as a check will be mailed and are not available for pick up.   

If the student does not sign up for eRefunds through their SBS Touchnet account, refunds will be automatically issued as a check and mailed to the appropriate address on file.   Mailing addresses for refunds are selected in the following priority: (1) Mailing (2) Local (3) Permanent.   Students may update their addresses as needed on Catsweb.

Selecting Direct Deposit (eRefunds):  Students may select direct deposit by signing up for eRefunds through their SBS Touchnet account.  This service enables students to have their refund and Financial Aid residual monies directly deposited into their personal bank account.  Once signed up through our secured website, students will receive a direct deposit rather than a mailed check.  Students will be notified via email when monies have been transferred to their bank account.   The direct deposit selection may be withdrawn at any time by deleting the eRefund information on the SBS Touchnet account.

Department of Education Compliance

Public information is provided for full disclosure of financial arrangements between Texas State University and Wells Fargo in compliance with Department of Education regulation 668.164(e). Compliance information may be found at the ID Services website.

Withdrawal from the University

Enrolling for courses at Texas State University constitutes a financial obligation to the University.  It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the University prior to the first official University class day for any semester or term to avoid financial obligation Withdrawal Information is available on the Office of the University Registrar website.

Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University does not relieve a student of their financial obligation to the University for any unpaid charges (including financial aid adjustments) incurred for the related semester or term. The refund percentages are applicable to all tuition and fees except non-refundable fees including late fees and orientation fees. Refunds of parking fees must be requested at the Parking Services office.

An immediate refund WILL NOT be made at the time a student withdraws. All refunds will be applied to remaining unpaid obligations, including registration balances for future terms, before funds are returned to the student.

All refunds will be processed within 30 days. 

University Tuition and Fees Refund Appeal Policy.

For other refund information, please contact the Student Business Services Office at 512.245.2544 or email

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