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Refund Policies

Any student who has paid registration fees and officially withdraws by submitting a withdrawal request to the Registrar's Office, J.C. Kellam, #111, is entitled to a refund of tuition and fees if the following condition is met: The amount actually paid, either in full or installment, must be greater than the percentage of total semester's charges OWED Texas State at the time of withdrawal. The amount of the refund is calculated as follows: (Total amount of tuition and fees minus non-refundable fees) times (refund percentage) minus (outstanding balance of charges, if any) equals Refund.
Once a student registers, he or she is responsible for the total fees assessed regardless of whether the installment option is used. Refund percentages are applied to total fees assessed and not the amount paid. Students who withdraw before paying all installments may, in the event of withdrawal, receive a bill with a balance due rather than a refund.
Withdrawing is ONLY for the current semester and does not affect any future semesters in which you are enrolled. For example, if you withdraw from all classes in Summer II, this does not affect your Fall schedule
The refund percentages are applicable to all tuition and fees except non-refundable fees including late fees and orientation fees. Refunds of parking fees must be requested at the Parking Services office.
An immediate refund WILL NOT be made at the time a student withdraws. Any refund will be applied to remaining unpaid obligations. If a student has paid in full, a check will be mailed within 30 days, or if you would prefer to have financial aid and refund balances sent via EFT to your bank account, sign-up via our secure web site: https://secure.touchnet.com/C24322_tsa/web/login.jsp. A withdrawal refund is mailed to the student's permanent address. Reducing semester credit hours to zero is considered a withdrawal, and withdrawal refund policies apply.
For other refund information, call the Refund Clerk in the Student Business Services office, 245-2648.
Drop Refunds
Dropping a class - Removing one or more classes from your schedule, while remaining enrolled in at least one course.  If you are registered in only one class and wish to drop it, you must withdraw. Refund of applicable tuition and required fees will be made for classes dropped during the first twelve class days in the long term or first four class days in summer terms, provided you remain enrolled at Texas State until the end of the semester. No refund is made for classes dropped after the twelfth/fourth class day.
Any refund will be applied to remaining unpaid obligations. If you have paid in full, a refund will be processed within 30 days and will be deposited to your bank (sign-up via our secure web site:  https://secure.touchnet.com/C24322_tsa/web/login.jsp) or mailed to your local address.  Check your mailing address at http://www.registrar.txstate.edu/our-services/address-change.html.

Reducing semester credit hours to zero is considered a withdrawal, and withdrawal refund policies apply.  For refund information on Special Course Offerings, call the Refund Clerk in the Student Business Services office, 245-2648.

Room and Board Refunds
Any student who withdraws officially from Texas State or who is granted permission to live off-campus may receive a refund on the unused portion of the room and board payment for the current installment period.
Room and board charges will continue until you have officially moved from Texas State residence halls and cleared with the Director of Residence Life. Any refund due will be applied to any unpaid financial obligation with Texas State. If the refund exceeds any unpaid balance, a refund will be processed within approximately 30 days and will be deposited to your bank (sign-up via our secure web site:   https://secure.touchnet.com/C24322_tsa/web/login.jsp) or mailed to your permanent mailing address.  Check your mailing address at http://www.registrar.txstate.edu/our-services/address-change.html.
Refunds in the Event of Death
In the event a student dies and a refund of tuition, fees, room and board, deposits, or other monies is due the estate of the deceased student, Texas State will presume that the person most recently indicated by the student as next-of-kin on official Texas State records is to be the recipient of all refunds. The University will, as soon as practicable after the death of the student, pay all refunds to the designated next-of-kin unless the student has specifically designated in writing to the Registrar the name and address of another person to be the recipient of such refund

Sign-up for EFT of Refunds and Financial Aid here:


We are pleased to offer a new EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) service to Texas State students.  This service will enable students to have their Refund and Financial Aid Residual monies directly deposited into the bank account of their choice.  All that is required is for students to sign up via our secured website.  Once signed up, students will receive a deposit rather than a mailed check.  Students will be notified via email when monies have been transferred to their bank account.


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