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Cellular/Wireless Terminal Reservation Request

Student Business Services has six (6) VX680 cellular/wireless terminals and one (1) dial up terminal for rent to departments to use for short term events. The daily rate plus interchange fees will be billed to the department monthly. The daily rental rate is $3 for each terminal - excluding the day of drop off. The interchange fees range between 2%-5%.


Rental Agreement

  • Wireless terminal is to be used for short term events. 
  • When not in use, the terminal will be kept in a secured, locked location.
  • The terminal will be settled daily.  Settlement tapes and receipts must be turned in, to the cashiers office, with a departmental deposit form the following business day from when the transactions took place. (UPPS 03.01.05)
  • All staff using the wireless terminal will read and sign the Training and Agreement below.
Please check the box to agree the terms listed above. *

***Click on the link to print the PCI Training and Agreement form.


For Internal Use Only:    Terminal ID(s):_______________________________

Date Checked Out:_________   Print Name:______________________________


Date Checked In:_________  Print Name:_________________________________