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Tuition and Fee Definitions



Statutory Tuition
(E & G Tuition)
The rate is set by the legislature for resident and nonresident students.
Resident - $50 per semester credit hour
Non Resident - $412 per semester credit hour –will be displayed on bill as $50 base and $362 differential
Designated Tuition
Used to complement the funding received via state appropriations and statutory tuition: to pay for faculty and staff salary increases, new faculty and staff postions, new academic programs and other strategic initiatives, and capital improvements.
$188.68 per semester credit hour (SCH)
$211.00 per semester credit hour (SCH)
Graduate Tuition Increment
Board authorized and is used to provide support for graduate programs.
$50 per semester credit hour (SCH)
Mandatory Fees


Student Success Fee
The fee supports the undergraduate advising centers and is charged to all undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students enrolled in undergraduate courses
$90 per semester
Athletic Fee
The athletics fee is used to support intercollegiate athletics.  Previously collected as part of the Student Service Fee, a 2005 student referendum endorsed the recognition of these charges as a separate fee.  This was accompanied by a related reduction to the student service fee.                  
$20 per semester credit hour (SCH)
Bus Fee (*)
The fee supports the shuttle bus service for students attending the University.
$95 per semester
Computer Service Fee
The computer service fee is charged to insure availability of computing resources to all students at the University. The fee provides for maintenance and expansion of academic and administrative facilities on campus and student e-mail/Internet access.
$15 per semester credit hour (SCH)
Environmental Service Fee
The fee is used for environmental improvements such as recycling, transportation, employment, product purchasing, matching funds for grants, planning and maintenance and irrigation.
$1 per semester
ID Service Fee
The fee pays is used for expanded  functionality of the university issued ID card
$5 per semester
International Education Fee
The fee is for funding scholarships to assist students participating in international student exchange or study programs.
$3 per semester
Library Fee
The fee is used to purchase additional library material and extend the library hours.
$10 per semester credit hour (SCH)
Medical Services Fee (*)
The fee is to be used to provide quality health care and health education services for students and groups affiliated with the University. Provides for basic operations of the Student Health Center.
$53 per semester
Recreational Sports Fee (*)
The fee is used to construct, operate, maintain and improve the Student Recreation Center and to purchase and maintain equipment and provide operating funds for recreational sports facilities and associated programs.
$94 per semester
Student Center Fee (*)
The fee is to be used to construct, operate, maintain, improve, and program a student center at the University.
$64 per semester
Student Publication Fee
The fee is for the production and publication of literature to inform students about academic offerings such as the Schedule of Classes, the Graduate and Undergraduate catalogue
$8 per semester
Student Service Fee
This fee is used to support student services such as artist and lecture series, cultural entertainment series, student government, and campus organizations and events.
$9 per semester credit hour (SCH) to maximum of $90
(*) If a student is enrolled in solely off campus courses and/or internet courses these fees will be waived.  On campus fees (Bus, Rec Sports and Student Center fees) are waived for students enrolled exclusively in RRHEC courses.
Other Fees
Electronic Course Fee: An electronic course fee of $50 per hour will be charged for courses taught via the internet or hybrid instructional method.
Off Campus Fee:  All students enrolled in classes held at off campus locations are required to pay $30 per hour that will help defray the cost of services provided at these locations.
Course Repeat Fee: The Texas Legislature eliminated funding to higher education for courses that are attempted three or more times. An attempted course is defined as any course in which a grade is earned on the transcript, including repeated courses and courses dropped with a grade of “W”.  In order to compensate for this loss of state funding, students attempting a course for the third or more time will be charged a course repeat fee of $362 per semester credit hour for each repeated course. The fee is subject to change each year upon action of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. This fee will be assessed for courses attempted at Texas State as of the fall semester of 2002 or later. This assessment does not include courses attempted at other colleges or universities.  Certain courses are exempt from this fee because they are designed to be repeated for additional credit, such as thesis, dissertation, and independent study courses; various music, physical education, physical fitness and wellness, studio art, and theatre courses; developmental education courses; and topics courses.
Excessive Hours Tuition - Texas Education Code §54.014 specifies that resident undergraduate students may be subject to a higher tuition rate for attempting excessive hours at any public institution of higher education while classified as a resident student for tuition purposes. Texas State students attempting hours in excess of their degree program requirements will be charged at the non-resident tuition rate.(1). Students initially enrolled during or after the fall 2006 semester will be charged at the non-resident rate if, prior to the start of the semester or session, the student has previously attempted 30 or more hours over the minimum number of semester credit hours required for completion of the degree program in which the student is enrolled. (2). Students initially enrolled during the fall 1999 through summer 2006 semesters will be charged at the non-resident rate if, prior to the start of the semester or session, the student has previously attempted 45 or more hours over the minimum number of semester credit hours required for completion of the degree program in which the student is enrolled.  Attempted courses include those courses attempted at Texas State or any Texas public institution of higher education.

Late Registration Fee: A late registration fee of $25 is charged during the late registration period prior to the first day of classes and $100 for registration during the first seven class days and $200 after the seventh day of class.

Orientation Fee:  All new freshman and transfer students are required to pay a $30 fee in their first semester that covers the cost of providing mandatory orientation sessions.

Enrollment Fee: A non-refundable fee of $30 is assessed to enroll in a payment plan.

Delinquent Fee: A $25 delinquent fee is charged for installment payments received after the due date.
International Students Operations Fee: International students with an immigration status of "F1" or J1" will be charged an international student operations fee in the amount of $60.00 for the maintenance of records, compliance with government regulations, and services for nonimmigrant students.

International Health Insurance: www.healthcenter.txstate.edu/international.html

Lab Fees:  Lab fees are charged for courses with labs.  Please see individual course listings for lab fees.

Tuition and fees are subject to change by legislative or Board of Regents action and changes become effective on the date of enactment.